Emmanuel Bigand

Emmanuel Bigand is professor in cognitive psychology at the Institut Universitaire de France, and was the leader of a CNRS laboratory of the University of Bourgogne (DIjon, France). He is internationnaly well known for having publish more than 150 scientific papers as well as numerous book in French and English (i.e. “Thinking in sound” (Oxford University Press). He is frequently invited in TV and Radio in France and francophone countries.

Laura Ferreri

Laura Ferreri is a cognitive neuroscientist and assistant professor at University of Pavia (Italy), where she coordinates the Psychology and Neuroscience of Music courses. Her research focuses on music, reward and memory processes investigated through behavioral, neuroimaging and neuropharmacological approaches. She is actively involved in disseminating the neuroscience of music through large-audience conferences and events, and the participation in TV and Radio shows in Italy and France.